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Tips and Trends

If it is sometimes difficult to impose the outfits of your suite, a color code can give a special touch to your wedding and your photos, for the greatest pleasure of the eyes of your guests. Our long skirts and pretty tops have been specially designed to allow you to combine things full of joy: whether they are matching, two-tone or colorful.

Worn with a light top or matching the skirt, your bridesmaids will shine with their pretty color combinations. What matters is that everyone finds the outfit they like and that they can wear again and again whether there is an opportunity or not ;-)

Here are some ideas to inspire you:

-The unicolor suite in your favorite color that will allow a beautiful harmony.

A nice duo of tones:

>rather classic in pastel tones

>contrast such as Navy Blue and Sky Blue

>softly with eucalyptus and powdery pink

> original such as mustard combined with navy blue

... Be creative, anything goes!

-A color gradient:

    • In cold tones: Eucalyptus, Emerald and Sky Blue for a fresh and vegetal touch.
    • In warm tones: Powder Pink, Terracotta and Brick for a warm and natural effect

- THE trend of the moment: Terracotta, Eucalyptus, Brick and Mustard is the association for which we are currently cracking. In addition, being the trend of the moment, it will bring a vegetal touch to your wedding.

In short, you are spoiled for choice... don't hesitate to ask us for advice!

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